The Polystorm geocellular range is designed to provide retention, attenuation and infiltration at a variety of depths. It is ideally suited to deeper applications and can accommodate a wide range of traffic loadings, from pedestrianised areas to large HGV parks. We also offer Polystorm Access and Polystorm Inspect, which allow for vertical and horizontal access to the Polystorm geocellular structure for maintenance and inspection purposes.


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Drawing NumberDescriptionFile
PSM_SD_001Polystorm Geocellular Component
PSM_SD_002Polystorm Xtra Geocellular Component
PSM_SD_003Polystorm Inspect Geocellular Component
PSM_SD_004Polystorm Connection Detail
PSM_SD_005Polystorm Xtra Connection Detail
PSM_SD_006Polystorm Inspect Connection Detail
PSM_SD_007Polystorm Access Component & Assembly
PSM_SD_008Polystorm Manifold Connections
PSM_SD_009Polystorm Tank Assembly Detail
PSM_SD_IM_001Enhanced Installation Detail
PSM_SD_PSM_001Typical Attenuation
PSM_SD_PSM_002Ventilation Detail
PSM_SD_PSM_003Typical Soakaway
PSM_SD_PSM_004Polystorm Access General Arrangement
PSM_SD_PSM_005Polystorm Access Turret Installation Detail
PSM_SD_EG_001Offline Example One
PSM_SD_EG_002Offline Example Two
PSM_SD_EG_003Offline Example Three
PSM_SD_EG_004Offline Example Four
PSM_SD_EG_005Hybrid Tank Example
PSM_SD_FAB_001Pre-Fabricated Tank Detail
PSM_SD_IR_001Rainwater Harvesting/Irrigation Detail
PSM_SD_010Polystorm Inlet Manifold details
PSM_SD_011Polystorm Inlet Manifold details
PSM_SD_012Polystorm Inlet Manifold details
PSM_SD_013Polystorm Inlet Manifold details
PSM_SD_014Polystorm Catchpit
PSM_SD_014APolystorm Catchpit
PSM_SD_014BPolystorm catchpit
PSM_SD_014CPolystorm Catchpit

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