Surface Water Solutions

Throughout our history we've been at the forefront of surface water drainage innovation.

With change in industry, climate and urbanisation, we've developed water management products and systems to provide solutions to make space for water and mitigate the impact of these changes.


Polypipe have a whole host of solutions dedicated to surface water issues. From surface water infiltration to surface water attenuation see below the options we have.



  • Water Management Solutions

    The concept of sustainable water management is a major driver in the UK construction industry. Extreme rainfall events, driven by climate change, are becoming ever more frequent. In response, the Government has introduced legislation such as the Floods and Water Management Act 2010 which sets out ways to manage surface water via sustainable drainage systems (SuDS).

  • Surface Water Management

    Surface water management involves dealing with potential flooding from sewers, drains and groundwater and the run-off from land, watercourses and ditches that can follow from heavy rainfall.


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