Chambers for Sewers for Adoption

According to the new Sewers for Adoption 7th Edition guidelines, lateral drains and sewers that serve two or more properties and connect to the UK public sewerage network are now the responsibility of the relevant water and sewerage company. Our new range of inspection chambers to BS EN 13598 can be used in these scenarios.

Our range of adoptable inspection chambers are fully sealed systems manufactured from virgin high performance polypropylene for enhanced durability.


Available in 200mm and 320mm diameter sizes for maximum depth to invert of 2m and 460mm for 3m depth, they are compatible for use with 110mm/160mm EN 1401 pipes and our Polysewer 150mm diameter pipes.


All of these products comply with BS EN 13598 Part 2 for deep installations and meet the elevated temperature cycling requirements to comply with Part 1.