The Benefits of Plastics
Why use plastic above ground plumbing? Plastic plumbing components offer a wide range of advantages compared to traditional materials such as copper.
Simple Push Fit Joints
Push fit joints provide the best of both worlds for a wide variety of drainage applications. In terms of installation, they’re quick, easy and hassle-free, with no tricky cuttings and bonding required to get the job done – which means less time required to get the job finished.
Extra Secure Welded Joints
When additional security of joint integrity is required, a solvent weld option offers a permanent, tamper-resistant joint solution for extra peace of mind.
Inspection Chambers
Our comprehensive range of inspection chambers gives you options for every non-adoptable and adoptable application. In some cases, one project may use a mixture of both solutions. To get things right from the start, our specialist consultants are happy to help you plan and deploy a solution that’s
All Chambers
Like all our products, our range of inspection chambers has been built with quality materials engineered to last. What’s more, all of our chambers are pre-benched and easy to cut to length without the need for special tools and equipment making them quicker and easier to install.
The 460mm diameter range of non man entry deep inspection chambers is available for connections into in 110mm, 150mm and 160mm pipework. To stay in line with regulations, our range of non man entry deep inspection chambers are designed for use at depths greater than 1m but not exceeding 4m.
Chambers for Building Regulations
All of our systems meet and exceed regulatory standards and come with industry accreditations and approvals. That’s why we’ve developed a range of products to meet the new standards within Sewers for Adoption 7th Edition (SFA7) and Building Regulations. The revised guidelines outline different s
Chambers for Sewers for Adoption
According to the new Sewers for Adoption 7th Edition guidelines, lateral drains and sewers that serve two or more properties and connect to the UK public sewerage network are now the responsibility of the relevant water and sewerage company. Our new range of inspection chambers to BS EN 13598 can be
Non Matching Drain and Sewer Connections
The Flexicon range of adaptors allow you to connect alternative pipe materials to plastics, e.g. plastic into concrete or clay.
Tamper Proof Solutions
Polysure Tamper-Proof Solutions
Secure but Releasable Fittings
When a joint needs to be tamper-proof but may need to be removed choose Polyfit – our range of fittings that can be quickly demounted by hand.
Reducing Site Hot Works
Soldering and welding on site has long been the accepted way to create watertight joints in plumbing systems. However, technology has created a better way.
Reducing Theft from Site
Our residential pipes and fittings are irresistible to installers and specifiers in terms of convenience, speed of installation and reliability, but they’re not as attractive to thieves.
Extra Secure Joints
Polysure Extra Secure Joints
In the Floor Systems
Our In the Floor systems are the ideal warm water underfloor heating system for new build housing and extensions. 
Over the Floor Systems
Our Over the Floor systems are ideal for renovations of all sizes. We have a retrofit solution for every type of project.
Pre-Pack Specialists
            Eye-Catching Profiles Based on our top selling ‘retail’ products, 2 metre and 1 metre profiles are available within an array of display and support material including banners and posters to help promote the Domus and Silavent ran
MVHR Downloads
This page has been designed to allow our distribution partners to quickly access and download material on the HRX-aQ range, to: - Include on websites - Insert within brochures or other marketing material – Easily add onto internal processing systems   One location for ease of access!
Who is the course applicable to?
Who is the course applicable to?   M&E Contractors Plumbing & Heating Contractors/Engineers Electricians Channel partner staff Merchants Students & Apprentices  
What are the training course objectives?
    The objectives of the training course are to enable delegates to:        Install any of the common types of domestic ventilation systems in the UK safely and efficiently      Inspect and test any of the common types of domest
What is covered?
The syllabus covers the majority of existing types of Domestic Ventilation Systems that an Installer in the UK is likely to come across. The course emphasises the most common systems and configurations that most trades-people are likely to encounter. Less common systems are also covered, but to a le
Course Price & Accomodation
Price   £395 (exc. VAT) which includes:   BPEC manual Two day course and all necessary training materials Cold buffet lunch and refreshments both days Qualification and van sticker upon successful completion Accomodation Accommodation is available locally at p
Training Centres
Training centres The Ventilation Installer training is available at  a choice of two locations: Polypipe Centre of Excellence, New Hythe Business Park, Aylesford, Kent, ME20 7PJ   Google Map Polypipe Ventilation and Professional Development Centre, Kirk Sandall, Doncast
Course details
Course duration, content and assessment   The training and assessment course will run over two days and will include both theoretical training and practical exercises. At the end of the course, there is a multiple choice assessment that each individual candidate needs to pass. The asse
What prerequisite knowledge is needed?
The training/assessment course is targeted at candidates with the following background:   Candidates with a number of years' experience in plumbing, heating or electrical engineering Candidates who hold a formal qualification at NVQ Level 3 in plumbing, heating or electrical engineer
Surestop Water Valves
At Surestop, we are a leading UK manufacturer of Smart Water Control Technology in both the Residential and Commercial sectors. Through innovative technology, Surestop Water Control products ensure that water can be turned on and off instantly and easily.
Above Ground Drainage FAQs
Can air admittance valves be used outside?   Polypipe air admittance valves, such as the SPV110, can be used internally or externally. Air admittance valves are also sometimes called ‘Durgo valves’.   Where should air admittance valves be installed   AAVs should
Push-Fit Waste System - WP15B

Push-Fit Waste System - Polypropylene

Polypipe Push-fit waste which now incorporates BioCote® antimicrobial technology is a quick and easy alternative to solvent weld waste systems. BioCote® antimicrobial technology Available in 3 ...

Solvent Weld Waste System - WS21G | WS22G | WS56G

Solvent Weld Waste System - A.B.S.

ABS solvent weld waste is our most popular choice for residential waste installations. Available with BioCote® technology, Polypipe’s ABS waste range is the most comprehensive in the UK. • Bi ...

Cast Iron Effect Ring Seal Soil & Vent 110mm

Cast Iron Effect Ring Seal Soil & Vent 110mm

Polypipes Cast Iron Effect range of soil fittings offers a cost effective alternative to traditional cast iron systems. Coupled with the Polypipes new ring lock seal and single peice moulding technology ...

Underground Drainage FAQs
Do you produce large diameter underground pipe?   The largest underground pipe that we produce is 315mm (12 inches) in diameter. Polypipe Civils produce pipe up to 3000mm (3m) in diameter.   What is the stiffness rating of underground pipe?   Smoothwall 110mm unde
Inspection Chambers and Channel Drain FAQs
Which inspection chamber covers may be used on a driveway? Driveways can be classified as Group 2 installations according to BS EN 124 and inspection chamber covers therefore should be rated B125. For 460mm Inspection Chambers the round UDC750 or UG513 or square 
Can pre-insulated pipe be used for hot and cold water supply?   Pre-insulated pipe should only be used for the flow and return of hot water from an external boiler house.   Do you do a water supply pipe that’s suitable to use in contaminated land?   Our Polyguard r
Frequently Asked Questions
We recognise that when you're making the decision on which products are better suited for your project, it's only natural to have a series of questions.
Plastic Plumbing Videos
Polypipe recognises that no two jobs are the same and has developed application-based range of plumbing solutions with four fittings range, backed by a range of pipe options
Why Underfloor Heating?
Polypipe Underfloor Heating allows you more freedom over the design and temperature of your rooms than ever before and what's more we have a system available to suit every style of project; whether you are looking to fit out just a single room or completing a much larger whole house project our unde
Separate fact from fiction
With many preconceptions surrounding underfloor heating, it’s time to set the record straight. Here you’ll find the facts, the benefits – indeed everything you need to know about the best way to heat your home.
Water vs Electric
There are two main types of underfloor heating; water-based and electric. Both can have valid applications, but here we outline why a water-based system might be the smarter choice.