Comprehensive range of building products providing everything you need for domestic housing projects, from start to finish.

Whether for a new-build or refurbishment project, we understand the pressures that developers and homeowners face to find the right product solutions, whilst also meeting specifications and building regulations.

Our specialist knowledge allows us to provide carefully tailored solutions to help you meet all of your requirements and our holistic range is sustainable, energy efficient and cost effective.         


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Cold Water Supply [June 2019]

pdf (2.34 MB)

Underfloor Heating Trade Price List [March 2020]

pdf (2.22 MB)

Plastic Plumbing Trade Price List [March 2020]

pdf (1.95 MB)

Below Ground Trade Price List [March 2020]

pdf (5.38 MB)

Above Ground Trade Price List [March 2020]

pdf (9.57 MB)

Plumbing & Heating Installation Guide [May 2019]

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