UTX Chambers

Under Track Crossing Chambers for Rail Applications


Under Track Crossing (UTX) Chambers are manufactured at our in-house fabrications facility to meet the cable protection needs of different signaling and telecommunications systems alongside and beneath railway tracks.


UTX Chambers can be used in conjunction with Ridgiduct and Ridgicoil cable protection systems, which all have Network Rail Parts and Drawing Systems (PADS) approval, certificate number PA05/05875.


The chambers are approved for installation within both the cess areas (track side drainage) and track support zone 6ft areas.


Manufactured from structured-wall polyethylene pipework, the chambers can be engineered to suit site-specific requirements regarding height, diameter and spigot orientation. The chambers are resistant to most common chemicals and have a predicted design life in excess of 50 years.


Features & Benefits


  • Network Rail Parts and Drawing Systems (PADS) approved (PA05/05875) in sizes 600mm-1200mm
  • Chambers can have a 3, 6 or 9-way spigot arrangement for cable protection connections
  • Modular single piece chambers, pre-fabricated in factory controlled conditions
  • Fully integrated spigot connections are made from 100 and/or 150mm Ridgidrain
  • The orientation, size and height of UTX Chambers are tailored to meet the needs of the project
  • 50 year design life
  • Structured wall design for high ring stiffness and strength
  • Step rungs available upon request
  • Lifting points available upon request to aid in handling and installation of the chambers
  • Light weight for reduced transport/installation costs and improved Health and Safety benefits
  • Reduces CO₂ consumed in production, transportation and on-site handling
  • Incorporates recycled plastic


Note: UTX Chambers can be manufactured in sizes greater than 1200mm, but this will deviate away from PADS approval.


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