Water Management Solutions

Rainwater Management Solutions for Commercial and Public Buildings

The concept of sustainable rainwater management is a major driver in the UK construction industry. Extreme rainfall events, driven by climate change, are becoming ever more frequent and as space becomes even more limited in the urban environment, we need to look to more sustainable ways of managing the flow of rainwater.


By using Polypipe rainwater management and source control systems for roofs and podiums, in conjunction with trusted Terrain drainage pipe systems, building services designers can utilise these areas to integrate effective rainwater management at source and control the flow of water at a designated rate into the underground drainage system.

In addition, Polypipe Rainstream, offers a range of highly effective above and below ground solutions for the filtration, attenuation, storage and re-use of rainwater in commercial and public building applications.


Our commercial building rainwater drainage systems have been designed to help conserve one of our most precious resources and also help clients, architects, public health engineers, mechanical contractors, installers and householders conform to numerous environmental and legislative standards.


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  • Rainwater Interception, Storage & Control

    Traditionally, rainwater has been collected within a below ground storage tank and released into the sewer in a controlled fashion. In recent years this has become more difficult because of th

  • Water Re-use

    Up to 80% of the water a commercial or public building consumes is used for non-potable applications such as toilet flushing, irrigation and evaporative cooling. Much of this could be provided

  • Water Storage for Evaporative Cooling

    Traditionally, intensive air conditioning units have been used to cool computer dense environments, however this method requires large amounts of energy and this has environmental and financia

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