Commercial Building Services

Terrain Fabrication Service
Terrain Fabrication Service for Commercial and Public Buildings
Stack Replacement for Buildings in Use
Thanks to our Polypipe Advantage Service, it is now possible for decaying, unhealthy drainage stacks / soil stacks, often made from traditional materials to be taken out and replaced with new, modern plastic drainage stacks whilst residents remain living inside the building. This is partic
Noise Sensitive Environments
Soil, Waste & Drainage Solutions for Noise sensitive environments in commercial building services
Containment & Control of Thermal Movement
Containment and control of thermal movement in Plastic Soil and Drainage Pipe Systems for commercial building services
Drainage in Tall Buildings
Due to geography and limited space in urban areas a large number of commercial and high-rise residential buildings are by design, tall. The design and layout of drainage in tall buildings needs to be considered as it poses its own significant challenges.   Volume of discharge is higher an
Containment & Control of Thermal Movement
Containment and control of thermal movement in supply systems
Terrain Controlled Flow Rainwater Outlet System
Rainwater Interception Outlet for Commercial and Public Buildings
Terrain Revit Families
Following the UK Government target of achieving Building Information Modelling (BIM) level 2 by 2016 on all public sector asset procurement we have been working on ensuring our parts are available to assist in achieving this goal.
Technical Bulletins
Technical bulletins by the specialists in commercial building services applications  
Terrain history at a glance
This page is dedicated to the illustrious history of the Terrain brand of drainage systems. Read through the time line below to see how it has changed and developed over the years, and how the site we use today in Aylesford has changed.         1894   Al
Terrain FUZE HDPE Soil & Waste
Terrain FUZE for Commercial and Public Buildings
Cellular Confinement
InfraWeb is a lightweight, expandable cellular confinement system which creates an erosion barrier or structural foundation.
Terrain PVC Soil & Waste
Terrain PVC solvent-weld soil and waste pipe systems were pioneered over 50 years ago and Polypipe continue to be at the forefront of the development of commercial drainage systems today.
Terrain FUZE
Terrain FUZE is a high performance, modern drainage system which has been used on a wide range of prestigious commercial buildings.
Terrain Underground Drainage
Below ground drainage systems for commercial buildings
Terrain dB12
Acoustic Soil & Waste Drainage System
Terrain Firetraps
Passive Fire Protection for Commercial Buildings
Terrain Rainwater Outlets
Terrain Roof and Balcony Rainwater Outlets for Commercial Buildings