The future of supply systems.

MecFlow is an award-winning, simple, reliable alternative to traditional supply systems. Choose MecFlow for a multi-layer PP-RCT pipe system with a B-s1, d0* fire classification and antimicrobial protection.

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MecFlow. <br> The future of supply systems.</br>

Why choose MecFlow?

<u>Low noise transmission</u> <u>Low noise transmission</u>

Low noise transmission

<u>Abrasion resistance</u> <u>Abrasion resistance</u>

Abrasion resistance

<u>Chemical resistance</u> <u>Chemical resistance</u>

Chemical resistance

<u>Anti-microbial protection</u> <u>Anti-microbial protection</u>

Anti-microbial protection

<u>UV resistance</u> <u>UV resistance</u>

UV resistance

<u>Increased mechanical strength</u> <u>Increased mechanical strength</u>

Increased mechanical strength

<u>Less onsite waste</u> <u>Less onsite waste</u>

Less onsite waste

<u>Less onsite storage</u> <u>Less onsite storage</u>

Less onsite storage

<u>Lower labour costs</u> <u>Lower labour costs</u>

Lower labour costs

<u>Water quality</u> <u>Water quality</u>

Water quality

Fire Classification

MecFlow is a highly engineered product, whose material has been designed and tested to achieve a fire classification rating of B-s1, d0* in accordance to EN13501.

Multi-layer PP-RCT

MecFlow's triple layers provide a multitude of benefits making it suitable for a variety of applications, including boosted cold water, low temperature hot water, chilled water and heating applications.


*Fire classification rating according to EN13501, installed according to building regulations. We recommend MecFlow be installed with our Firetrap sleeves.

Looking for the full tech specs? All the details are in the MecFlow Technical Product Brochure.

Polypipe Advantage

MecFlow is specified through our Polypipe Advantage service, and it can be built off-site as a ready-to-install kit. 

Find out why specifiers, contractors, installers and architects working in the UK commercial market trust Polypipe Advantage – every time.

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MecFlow Downloads

MecFlow Technical Product Brochure

MecFlow Technical Product Brochure

At 99 pages, this is a true giant, all the details are here.

Download here >
Mecflow WRAS Certificate

Mecflow WRAS Certificate

Download the WRAS certificate for MecFlow's pipe and fittings.

Download WRAS Certificate >

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