Turn down the volume with Terrain Q

Turn down the volume with Terrain Q

A multi-layer, noise-reducing acoustic drainage system with anti-fouling and best in class fire protection.

Find out why Terrain Q is quietly transforming multi-occupancy and tall building projects. The industry-leading range of solvent and Push-Fit acoustic soil and waste solutions.

Turning Flushed Sounds Into Hushed Sounds

Feel the benefits of the latest advances in soundproofing pipes with Terrain Q, Polypipe Building Services revolutionary new noise-reducing, push-fit above-ground drainage system.

Designed to meet your specific project needs, Terrain Q is a simple, reliable alternative to other traditional noise reducing drainage systems. Its multi-layer noise reducing system also provides increased fire retardancy, with a fire classification of B-s1, d0*. Making it ideal for high-rise developments, healthcare settings, education facilities and more ...

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Technical Manual

9 reasons to choose Terrain Q

A powerful three-layer combination of external (PP+UV+RF), intermediate (PP+CM+RF) and internal (PP+AF) pipes puts Terrain Q at the forefront of above-ground drainage systems. If sound attenuation is specified in your hotel, hospital, office, school, retail or shared dwelling project, make Terrain Q your only choice.

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Fire Classification

With a best-in-class fire classification for an organic material when tested to BS EN 13501. It is a multi-layer polypropylene system to achieve the rating  B-s1, d0 when tested in accordance with the standard. Terrain Q offers advanced fire retardancy and guaranteed performance.

Chemical Resistance

A high molecular weight and non-polar polymer structure makes Terrain Q resistant to fluids from pH2 to pH12.

Increased Mechanical Strength

Microfibres in the material formulation provide Terrain Q with improved pressure characteristics giving it excellent mechanical strength over a range of fluid temperatures. 

Anti-Fouling Protection

Manufactured using an anti-fouling additive within the internal bore. This helps to minimize encrustation build up, stopping sudden changes in flow direction which would increase noise. 

Push-Fit Jointing

Offering quick, easy and hassle-free installation, Terrain Q’s push-fit joints provide the best of both worlds for a wide variety of drainage applications. 

Low Noise Transmission

Due to its material properties Terrain Q provides high resistance to the propagation of noise from water flowing at high velocities within its internal bore.

UV Protection

Terrain Q’s external layer material formulation protects against oxidation by direct exposure to UV radiation from sunlight.

Abrasion Resistance

A smooth and mechanically robust bore protects against material erosion caused by the long-term use of aggressive fluids.

Easy Handling

Lightweight and quick to install, constructions teams choose Terrain Q for its ease-of-use as well as its outstanding performance properties.

*Fire classification rating of B-s1, d0, in accordance with EN13501 and installed to building regulations. For best results, combine Terrain Q with Firetrap Sleeves.


Thanks to the push-fit jointing method and compatibilty with other systems and fittings, Terrain Q is an ideal choice for all drainage and noise reducing project requrements. 

View our product range here and turn down the volume on your multi-occupancy and tall building projects today.

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Terrain Q Downloads

Terrain Q Brochure

Terrain Q Brochure

Turn Down the Volume with Terrain Q.

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Terrain Q Technical Manual

Terrain Q Technical Manual

Check every detail and get all the answers your project needs.

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