From large hospital complexes to individual care homes, our secure, tested Terrain drainage and supply pipe systems and fittings have been offering designers and installers the products and system solutions they’ve needed for over half a century. Our range of welded drainage pipe systems provide longevity and leak free solutions.

From our Terrain PVC soil & waste, underground drainage, above ground drainage, rainwater systems to fabricated soil stacks Polypipe Building Services can provide the complete design solution for your healthcare and hospital premises.

Terrain Drainage Systems

See our range of Terrain Drainage products and systems for commercial building applications. Our high-quality materials and innovative solutions will assure your under- and above-ground drainage projects are built to last.

Water Supply

Our simple, reliable, and sustainable water supply system is an alternative to traditional solutions. Plus, MecFlow has achieved a fire classification rating of B-s1, d0* and a uniquely fast and easy installation method.


Nuaire is a UK market leader in energy-efficient domestic, commercial and industrial ventilation solutions. We combine innovative products with world-class performance in quality, delivery and service.

Commercial Water Management Solutions

In the UK, sustainable rainwater management is both popular and necessary. As rainfalls become heavier due to climate change, we’ve invested our time and ingenuity into these innovative water management solutions and products.

Literature & Technical info

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