Liverpool Hospital

The Royal Liverpool University Hospital called upon Polypipe to provide secondary stack ventilation.

The Royal Liverpool University Hospital called upon Polypipe Building Services to provide secondary stack ventilation, using Terrain PVC. Terrain FUZE was also selected as a modern alternative to the cast iron drainage system to ensure no leaks in sensitive areas such as above theatres, scanners and the A&E department.

The Royal Liverpool University Hospital is the largest single-bed hospital in the country, offering 646 beds including a 40-bed critical care unit, together with 18 operating theatres and one of the largest emergency departments in the North West. The hospital houses an abundance of expensive equipment and lifesaving machinery, meaning that it was of paramount importance that the drainage systems delivered were robust and reliable, to guarantee long-term system integrity and prevent leakages that could lead to costly damage. 

“Polypipe was initially only supplied for a few sections of the hospital drainage system. After a quick installation using electro-fusion jointing, Terrain FUZE was selected as a modern replacement to the cast iron system originally specified. We enjoy working with Polypipe on projects like this, and hope to continue working with them in the future.” Simon Webb, Managing Director of the project, Carillion.

Terrain FUZE and Terrain PVC Dilution Traps were used to allow for quick and easy installation, while providing a reliable system to dilute any chemical waste water, before reintroducing it into the public waste water drainage network.

While providing reliable, long-term solutions was the key consideration for both Carillion and the hospital, the sustainability of the project was also of great importance. Polypipe Building Services is BES 6001 accredited, demonstrating its commitment to producing materials that are environmentally considerate. Polypipe was able to demonstrate that its research into PVC and plastic materials has resulted in improved manufacturing processes and products, and a reduction in its environmental impact.

Ian Crickmore, Technical Director at Polypipe Building Services, said: “The installation at The Royal Liverpool University Hospital was an incredibly sensitive job, as the drainage systems surrounded life-saving machinery. We were able to provide the hospital with a technical support service and ultimately supply a cost-effective and environmentally friendly drainage system that they could trust.”

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