We understand how schools, universities and colleges need drainage and supply pipe systems with a specific design approach to ensure they don't encroach on teaching areas and disrupt students. Polypipe can offer noise reducing drainage pipe systems, underfloor heating, chemical drainage systems for laboratories, fabricated soil stack systems and rainwater management and water re-use systems for sports fields and high footfall areas.

Educational establishments including schools, universities and college buildings, much like other commercial buildings, require tried and tested leak proof and joint integrity drainage and water management systems. This is synonymous with the Terrain brand. Our Terrain FUZE is a high performance, modern, welded drainage system which can also be used for chemical drainage, so is perfect for this type of building.

  • In-Building Rainwater & Rainwater Outlets

    Our in-building Terrain Rainwater Systems and Rainwater Outlets are used to drain flat roofs and balconies and convey water to underground drain or water re-use systems. We would recommen

  • In-Building Soil, Waste & Vent

    At Polypipe we have soil & waste pipe systems and vent systems to suit all applications. Our extensive range of products designed for commercial building services&

  • Terrain Chemical Soil and waste drainage system

    Chemical Soil & Waste

    Terrain FUZE and Terrain PVC Soil & Waste Pipe Systems can be used for a range of chemical applications due to their chemical resistance characteristics. This makes Terrain Soil & Wast

  • Noise Reducing Soil & Waste

    In noise sensitive environments such as hospitals, rest homes, schools, libraries and hotels we recommend using our Terrain dB12 which is a polypropylene system with a mineral additive. &nb

  • Fire Compartmentalisation

    It’s essential to maintain the integrity of a fire rated compartment within your buildings. We offer a range of intumescent fire collars and sleeves that seal off penetrations in fire rated

  • Boosted Cold Water Systems

    A boosted cold water system provides a constant supply of pressurised water, to high rise residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

  • Water Re-use

    Up to 80% of the water a commercial or public building consumes is used for non-potable applications such as toilet flushing, irrigation and evaporative cooling. Much of this could be provided


Project examples

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  • Unite Stratford student accommodation

    Working alongside main contractor Westfield Construction and M&E contractor Dimension Data Advanced Infrastructure, Polypipe helped to develop a rainwater attenuation system capable of


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Terrain FUZE TFTM3-PT Jan-19

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Terrain Above Ground (PVC-U above ground drainage systems) TAG5 Jan-19

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Siphonic Roof Drainage Systems

Terrain Siphonic Roof Drainage System
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Terrain Firetrap FTB3 Jan-19

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