Underfloor heating allows hassle free renovations to take place in Doncaster Home

At this detached house in Balby, Doncaster, the installation of underfloor heating allowed the homeowner to achieve ambient heating in a modern open-plan design which wouldn’t otherwise have been possible.

Situated in Doncaster, this 12-year-old property was constructed with radiators installed throughout. When a downstairs radiator burst, however, the homeowners took the opportunity to undertake a bigger home
renovation project and upgraded the entire ground floor to underfloor heating.

To save on potentially costly and lengthy floor excavations, Polypipe’s Overlay™ and Overlay™ Lite retrofit systems were used. At just 18mm in depth, the Overlay™ systems are installed directly above the floorboards,
enabling the homeowner to enjoy all the benefits of underfloor heating, in an existing space, without raising the overall floor to an unacceptable level.

One of the key benefits of underfloor heating is that it is incredibly versatile and can be installed beneath most modern floor coverings.

For this property, the homeowner had opted for a solid ceramic tile floor covering throughout the back of the house where the kitchen is located, and a wooden floor for the main living areas. The installation of underfloor
heating and the associated benefits of the system allowed the homeowners to carry out further renovation works that were not previously possible.

By removing some of the walls throughout the lower floor of the property, the homeowners redesigned their home to incorporate a more modern and open-plan design. Large scale renovations of this nature require radiators to be relocated, and to work harder, to guarantee a consistent heat output throughout a larger space. In order to distribute an ambient temperature, traditional radiators need to reach temperatures above 80°C. In contrast, underfloor heating operates effectively from as little as 40°C, meaning less energy is required for the same heat output.

The lower running temperature in turn lowers household energy bills and reduces carbon dioxide emissions, cutting carbon footprints.

To control the underfloor heating, Polypipe’s latest generation of Smart Plus controls were specified. Connecting seamlessly to all Polypipe Underfloor Heating systems, Smart Plus controls provide homeowners with optimum control of their heating system throughout the home using a wall mounted thermostat and a corresponding mobile app.

The homeowner said,
“It was a blessing in disguise when our radiator system failed as it allowed us to upgrade to underfloor heating. We’d always dreamt of an open plan layout for the downstairs, but radiators made it impossible. By  pgrading to underfloor heating, we now have more useable wall and floor space to achieve the layout we always wanted.”