Permavoid is a geocellular sub-base replacement system which has been specifically designed and tested to provide stormwater treatment, retention, attenuation or infiltration at shallower depths.It is ideal for source control and surface water treatment applications, and can easily overcome problematic site conditions such as high water tables, contaminated land and shallow outfalls.The system components can be used individually, or linked together to provide unique and flexible water management solutions.


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Drawing NumberDescriptionFile
PV_SD_CD_001Permavoid Geocellular Components
PV_SD_CD_002Permavoid Biomat Components
PV_SD_CD_003Permavoid Treatment Components
PV_SD_CD_004Permavoid Ancillary Components
PV_SD_CD_005Permavoid Flow Control Devices
PV_SD_ID_GC_001Permavoid with Gullyceptor Details
PV_SD_AT_PP_001Permavoid Permeable Pavement Sub-base Attenuation Detail
PV_SD_AT_GC_001Permavoid with Gullyceptor Shallow Attenuation Detail
PV_SD_AT_GC_002Permavoid with Gullyceptor Sudsagg Attenuation Detail
PV_SD_AT_GC_003Permavoid with Gullyceptor Deep cellular Attenuation Detail
PV_SD_AT_MC_001Permavoid Rainwater Pipe Connection Detail
PV_SD_AT_MC_002Permavoid Checkdam Detail
PV_SD_IN_PP_001Permavoid Permeable Pavement Sub-base Infiltration Detail
PV_SD_IN_GC_001Permavoid with Gullyceptor Shallow Infiltration Detail
PV_SD_IN_GC_002Permavoid with Gullyceptor Sudsagg Infiltration Detail
PV_SD_IN_GC_003Permavoid with Gullyceptor Deep Cellular Infiltration Detail
PV_SD_CD_001EPermavoid² 85
PV_SD_CD_001FPermavoid² 85 Irrigation
PV_SD_AT_PT_001Permavoid with Permatreat Shallow Attenuation Detail
PV_SD_AT_PT_002Permavoid with Permatreat Sudsagg Attenuation Detail
PV_SD_AT_PT_003Permavoid with Permatreat Deep Cellular Attenuation Detail with Medium Duty Biomat
PV_SD_AT_PT_004Permavoid Treatment with Polystorm Attenuation Detail with Heavy Duty Biomat
PV_SD_IN_PT_001Permavoid with Permatreat Shallow Infiltration Detail
PV_SD_IN_PT_002Permavoid with Permatreat Sudsagg Infiltration Detail
PV_SD_IN_PT_003Permavoid with Permatreat Deep Cellular Infiltration Detail with Medium Duty Biomat
PV_SD_IN_PT_004Permavoid Treatment with Polystorm Infiltratio Detail with Heavy Duty Biomat 

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