Ridgistorm-XL is an innovative thermoplastic large diameter piping system, available in sizes 750-3000mm in diameter. It can be used for a wide range of applications including surface water drainage, foul and combined sewers, large scale flood alleviation schemes and even displacement ventilation and renewable energy.


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Drawing Number Description File
RST_SD_JF_001 Jointing Frames
RST_SD_LF_001_REVB Ridgistorm-XL Low Flow channel
RST_SD_001 Typical Single Sewer Pipe Installation
RST_SD_002 Typical Multiple Sewer Pipe Installation
RST_SD_003 Typical Surface Water Drain Pipe and Filter Drain Installation
RST_SD_004 Typical Single Surface Pipe Installation
RST_SD_005_0 Typical Multiple Surface Pipe Installation
RST_SD_FT_001 Standard Pipe Range Nominal Sizes
RST_SD_FT_002 Typical Spigot & Socket Joint Details
RST_SD_FT_003 Stub Connections and Rocker Pipes
RST_SD_FT_004 Bend and Junction Dimensions
RST_SD_FT_005 Large Units Dimensions
RST_SD_FT_006 Optional Inspection / Access Turret & Optional Offset Manhole
RST_SD_FT_007 Typical 90° End Termination & Catchpit / Manhole End Termination
RST_SD_ST_001_0 Typical Sewer Stub Connections
RST_SD_SA_001 Saddle Installation Summary & Lateral Pipe Connections
RST_SD_LF_001_0 Low Flow Channel Details
RST_SD_EG_001 Typical Arrangement - Example 1
RST_SD_EG_002 Typical Arrangement - Example 2
RST_SD_EG_003 Typical Arrangement - Example 3

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