Component Chambers & Manholes

Providing a unique and comprehensive service through our in-house fabrication facility, we are able to create fully engineered solutions to precisely match specific project requirements. Whether you require a one-piece manhole, catchpit, flow control device or treatment filter, a customised fitting or specialist bend, our team can engineer the right system accurately and to the highest quality.

Our pre-fabricated solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly within existing drainage or water management systems, including our Ridgidrain, Ridgisewer or Ridgistorm-XL systems, or can be engineered to connect to other materials.


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Drawing NumberDescriptionFile
RST_SD_AC_001RIDGISTORMAccess - Conventional Manhole
RST_SD_AC_002RIDGISTORMAccess - Ridgistorm-XL Manhole
RST_SD_AC_003RIDGISTORMAccess - Offset Manhole
RST_SD_AC_004RIDGISTORMAccess - Twin Pipe Offset Manhole
RST_SD_SE_001_0RIDGISTORMSeparate - Catchpit
RST_SD_SE_002RIDGISTORMSeparate - Mini Silt Trap
RST_SD_SE_003RIDGISTORMSeparate - Basic Silt Trap
RST_SD_SE_004RIDGISTORMSeparate- Advanced Silt Trap
RST_SD_CH_001RIDGISTORMCheck - Vortex Flow Control Chamber
RST_SD_CH_002RIDGISTORMCheck - Vortex Flow Control Chamber with manual bypass
RST_SD_CH_003RIDGISTORMCheck - Large Diameter Vortex Flow Control Chamber with Central Headwall
RST_SD_CH_004RIDGISTORMCheck - Mini Orifice Plate Flow Control Chamber
RST_SD_CH_005RIDGISTORMCheck - Orifice Plate Flow Control Chamber
RST_SD_CO_001RIDGISTORMControl - Penstock Chamber
RST_SD_CO_002RIDGISTORMControl - Gate Valve Chamber
RST_SD_CO_003RIDGISTORMControl - Flap Valve Chamber
RST_SD_CM_001Lifting Points
RST_SD_CM_002Step Rungs & Ladders
RST_SD_CM_003Safety Chains & Guard Rails
RST_SD_CM_004Pipe Connections
RST_SD_ST_001_1Ridgistorm-X4 - Stormwater Treatment System Chamber
RST_SD_ST_002_0Ridgistorm-X4 - Stormwater Treatment System in Concrete Chamber
RST_SD_SE_005Qpit Type 8 Catchpit range
RST_SD_SE_005AQpit Type 8 Catchpit 150mm inlets/outlets
RST_SD_SE_005BQpit Type 8 Catchpit 225mm inlets/outlets
RST_SD_SE_005CQpit Type 8 Catchpit 300mm inlets/outlets

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