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Green Urbanisation - A Breakthrough in Water Management


Meeting Carbon Net Zero, the impact of climate change and Biodiversity Net Gain targets needs innovation, vision and a fundamental change in our approach to urban development.

A breakthrough in water management will help unlock the solution – Green Urbanisation.

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The concept of ‘urban greening’ is not a new one. We know we need to introduce more green assets into city landscapes. From sustainable urban trees, parks and blue-green roofs, the environmental, health and wellbeing benefits are huge.

Green Urbanisation is a unique approach that puts water management at the heart of the solution. It integrates green assets into a new generation of SuDS by utilising surface water and passive irrigation to achieve a truly resilient landscape.

There can be no green without blue.

  • The Technology

    Passive irrigation is the term used to describe ‘self-watering’. The Green Urbanisation solution exploits this natural process by re-using surface water held in unique sub-base attenuation tanks.

    Green Urbanisation uses the natural process of passive irrigation or ‘self-watering’ 

    Wicking cones within the tanks enable stored water to be drawn up through capillary action to a special holding geotextile where it is readily available for the roots from surface planting.

    To learn more about passive irrigation read our Guide to Passive Irrigation below.

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  • Inspiring Green Urbanisation

    Mimicking natural ecosystems by managing water ‘where it falls’ and reusing it to its maximum potential delivers resilient landscapes that are able to withstand all weather extremes.

    Ecological regeneration schemes that promote native planting deliver the highest natural capital return. They establish environments that are conditioned to the local climate and can support a denser, more diverse range of fauna.

    Reusing rainfall through optimised source control and passive irrigation reduces both potable water demand – essential to sustaining expanding urban populations – and energy consumption by reducing pollution and volumetric loads at water treatment plants.

  • Community Health and Wellbeing

    Recent events have shown us more than ever how important it is for our health and wellbeing to have access to green environments. Not only will the development of sustainable green assets support our efforts towards Carbon Net Zero and meeting the challenges of climate change but they will also offer communities space for physical exercise, active travel and relaxation.

Smart Response to Extreme Weather

By linking these solutions with SMART technologies, we will soon be able to pre-empt extreme weather events and manage the water in storage to prepare on a catchment-wide level.

Green Urbanisation can also help develop urban farms in any landscape, creating local food sources, jobs, and educational projects as well as reducing food miles and our reliance on imported produce.

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