Making space for water

When it rains, particularly in extreme cases, the rainwater needs somewhere to go. Unfortunately, in many urbanised environments, rainwater run-off finds its way into our sewer systems causing extreme flooding, and in turn can disrupt natural soakaways. This results in saturation and further flooding downstream. It’s therefore imperative to design projects that include areas where water can be intercepted and stored. Drainage systems are not just for conveyance, but can also irrigate green spaces above via our capillary cones.


These systems provide gardens and amenity at roof level: bioretention systems, detention basins and rain gardens. All three can accommodate rainwater run-off whilst attracting biodiversity. Swales – natural or engineered, permeable pavements and even sports pitches; which capture, store, attenuate and irrigate whilst cooling the air through evaporation, make that all-important space for and an intelligent way to manage water. Delivering positive moves to reduce the strain on inner-city sewer systems and help lessen the impact on potable water usage.