Climate cooling

Global warming, climate change and carbon emissions all have an impact on the future of our cities. But foliage, wetlands and open spaces all help to reduce carbon and, within our cities, large canopy trees in particular, create shading to reduce Urban Heat Island effect and the need for air conditioning.


At Polypipe, we continually invest in research and development to engineer products that support these elements. Today, our sustainability credentials are as important to us as the products we provide, building-in carbon and water-sustainable solutions to help towards a more resilient future for us all. Adopting a circular and micro-economy attitude enables us to manufacture plastic products and systems that extract the maximum value from the resources we use.


We have products and systems that store rainwater at source, reusing it for roof gardens and irrigation which subsequently creates evaporative cooling through the vegetation. We can help with the management of green walls that cool buildings and trap and absorb harmful pollutants. We’ll help design engineered SuDS for street tree planting, introducing products that can store and attenuate rainwater below ground and feed and contain the roots of the trees as they grow. And to reduce surface water run-off and flooding whilst promoting greenery and evaporative cooling, we have solutions to simulate swales and treat ground water at source.