People respond well to green spaces. Even compact streets can be attractive when trees and clever planting are present. They even create safer routes for people to cross roads with distinct green architecture that drivers can recognise as pedestrian entry and exit points.


But to really make a difference whilst making space for water, we’ve developed products and systems to make spaces for people, too. Blue-Green roofs and podium decks (at ground and roof levels) can be achieved using Polypipe geocellular systems and unique Capillary Cones to manage irrigation. These newly formed green oasis can be utilised for multi-use purposes, such as amenity; roof bars, meeting areas and children’s play areas. Both commercial and residential developments can benefit from intelligent water management solutions and, whilst not strictly purely for enjoyment, can include parking for vehicles whilst water below is captured, treated and dispelled safely or reused. Roof applications absorb rainwater at source, reducing run-off whilst enabling water to evaporate more effectively, which helps to cool the surrounding environment.


There’s no Green without Blue


Water is how green spaces continue to survive. Managing it to ensure it’s used correctly, and controlled within our city environments in particular, is the first step to bring our green spaces to life. Designing water management solutions into commercial and residential developments, is vital if we are to create sustainable green spaces for people to use. Adopting this balanced approach will provide calming green spaces for recreational purposes, leisure and social interaction – developing a sense of community and harmony within the environment1 .