Permavoid Capillary Cones

Permavoid Capillary Cones - Product Codes: PVPP85CC2 & PVPP85CC4


Permavoid 85mm units are shallow, load-bearing, modular geocellular units which are used to create a geocellular interlocking system designed for shallow groundwater storage or infiltration, replacing the traditional aggregate sub-base. Additionally, the units can also be installed with an integral wicking media to encourage passive irrigation, an ideal solution for green roofs and roof gardens.


The units’ high void ratio allows a significant volume of stormwater to be stored within the system. The stored water is transported up through the cell via absorbent capillary cones using capillary action. The Permavoid capillary cells are used in combination with a high performance Geotextile that, upon receiving the stormwater from the cell via the capillary cones, transports the stormwater laterally across its surface area.



The configuration of two capillary cones per unit is ideal for applications such as planters, green roofs, rain gardens and some sports applications, while the configuration of 4 cones per unit is suited to applications such as under sports fields and arenas.


Features & Benefits


  • Provides a consistent, high strength raft to support the roof garden surface loading and associated maintenance traffic
  • 92% void ratio of the Permavoid Capillary cells allows for the collection of a reservoir of stormwater within the system
  • Integral wicking media with configurable layout
  • Enables plants with medium water demands to be installed on rooftops with slender soil cover. This reduces the loading on roofs associated with deeper soil cover, and minimises evaporation and over-spraying losses associated with over ground irrigation systems
  • Passive irrigation maintains the soil moisture content at between 15% and 45% by volume, ensuring plants have the correct amount of soil moisture to promote growth and prevent wilting
  • The hydrophilic geotextile, installed above the irrigation system, allows the wicked stormwater to spread across a large surface area
  • Provides an undersoil drainage system that can be incorporated into a sustainable stormwater management system
  • 100% recyclable


    Two Cone Configuation Specification                                               Four Cone Configuration Specification

Passive Irrigation

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