Rainwater Reuse Solutions

Protect It. Manage It. Reuse It.  

Water is one of our most precious resources. Today, with ever increasing demand from rapidly expanding populations set against the backdrop of climate change, the need to preserve and effectively utilise water has never been more critical. Innovative reuse of harvested rainwater is part of a holistic solution.

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A new generation of breakthrough technologies that embraces a unique engineered/natured-based approach provides the construction industry with a fresh perspective - one that is inspiring a re-imagination of the urban landscape, delivering resource and climate resilience and a wide range of high return multi-functional benefits.

  • Resilience

    Today, by combining the latest non-potable and GU-inspired water reuse technologies with accurate weather forecasting data, there is now a game-changing solution that can help mitigate these impacts – Polysync.

    Rethink The Future
  • Rainstream

    Harvested rainwater can be used for a wide range of non-potable applications across both commercial and residential projects. 

    Reducing potable (mains) water consumption in toilets, laundries and cooling systems, protects drinking water supplies during extended dry spells and can lower overall utility bills.  Reuse also diverts surface water away from the main sewer network, reducing the risk of localised or downstream flooding.

    Non-Potable Solutions
  • Green Urbanisation

    Using stored rainwater to irrigate urban green assets has been a technical breakthrough that has defined a new generation of sustainable drainage systems.  Called Green Urbanisation (GU), these systems utilise a unique net-zero technique known as ‘passive irrigation’ to draw water from sub-base attenuation tanks to plants which sit directly above.

    Unlock Green Urbanisation

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