Smart Surface Water Attenuation  


Polysync is our smart water attenuation system.


Using real-time weather forecasting and paired with attenuation technologies Polysync helps to mitigate extreme weather events caused by climate change.

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Polysync Smart System


Using a cloud-based control system, Polysync forecasts weather events to optimise water volumes stored in attenuation tanks. The system will forecast weather activity and instruct the attenuation tanks to reduce or maximise their stored water, to accommodate for rainfall or to maximise potable water storage to use in the event of drought.

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    Attenuation Tanks

    Polysync works in conjunction with our Permavoid and Polystorm attenuation systems to manage the water flow into natural sources. This enables flood mitigation by slowing down the flow of the water and attenuating it for as long as needed preventing it from surcharging the sewers. It helps to create a circular infrastructure, perfect for green roof applications.

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    Green Roofs

    Polysync can also feature in green roof systems, allowing rainwater reuse and to maintain the vegetation using passive irrigation.


    Green roofs offer a number of advantages to urban environments, including providing a habitat for local wildlife and helping to cool urban air temperatures.

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    Polysync Utilities & Features

    • Weather forecasting using industry-leading technology
    • ISO-certified secure data
    • Adaptive learning and optimisation
    • Multiple data inputs including soil condition, temperature and humidity
    • Integrates Green Urbanisation and Rainwater Reuse technologies
    • Minimises the impacts of extreme weather through the reduction of post-storm water volumes
    • Real time monitoring of attenuation tank with automated alarms and remote drain down
    • Year-round system support

Polysync 'A game changing solution'

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