Smart Surface Water Attenuation  

An intelligent, real-time, surface water attenuation solution. Polysync delivers flood and climate change resilience, creates a platform for optimal reuse, while reducing potable water consumption.

Two of the greatest climate change-driven challenges are flooding and drought.

Today, by combining the latest non-potable and GU-inspired water reuse technologies with accurate weather forecasting data, there is now a game-changing solution that can help mitigate these impacts – Polysync.

  • The System

    The system works by intelligently adjusting water volumes stored in attenuation tanks to optimise its response to predicted weather events. If heavy rainfall is forecast, the system will instruct a tank to reduce its stored water volume well ahead of the event so that it can accommodate the storm flow without surcharging the local sewer or river network. If a prolonged dry spell is predicted, then the system will hold its maximum volume for re-use in either non-potable applications or irrigation.

  • Scalability

    Polysync’s unique cloud-based control platform enables multiple storage tanks to be linked, creating an infinitely scalable virtual drainage and storage network. Such scalability allows developers to optimise water management and reuse across any project, minimising surface water discharge costs while increasing property values, biodiversity, and local climate resilience.

    For water utilities, assets across an entire catchment can be fully integrated, giving the ability to track and accurately manage the response to any storm event.

  • Features & Benefits

    • Weather forecasting using industry-leading technology
    • ISO-certified secure data
    • Adaptive learning and optimisation
    • Multiple data inputs including soil condition, temperature and humidity
    • Integrates Green Urbanisation and Rainwater Reuse technologies
    • Minimises the impacts of extreme weather through the reduction of post-storm water volumes
    • Real time monitoring of attenuation tank with automated alarms and remote drain down
    • Year-round system support

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