Rainstream Water Storage & Re-use System

Rainwater management system offering a range of highly-effective solutions for the filtration, storage, attenuation and re-use of rainwater in commercial applications and public buildings.

Up to 80% of the water Commercial and Public buildings consume is used for non-potable applications such as toilet flushing, irrigation and evaporative cooling. Much of this could be provided by harvested rainwater.


Polypipe Rainstream is a bespoke, fully engineered rainwater harvesting system based on the same proven technology as the Ridgistorm-XL large diameter pipe range. It’s a tank of exceptional stiffness and integrity that can be transported quickly and efficiently. It can be installed without the need for a concrete surround or the need to fill the tank with mains water to weigh it down during installation.


Polypipe Rainstream Key Benefits:


  • Various tank sizes available for commercial applications from 10,000 litres.
  • Integral leaf filter within storage tank for below ground applications
  • Complete range of additional items such as duty standby and booster systems
  • Mains water back-up
  • Helps reduce your carbon footprint by lowering the volume of water from local treatment works
  • Tank system supplied with filters, pumps, valves, component set and factory fitted inlet, calmed inlet and outlet connections
  • Offers bespoke design solutions for difficult geometries
  • Manifold system available for multiple dwellings
  • Filtration and disinfection system available.
  • Polypipe Rainstream Applications

    We can manufacture to suit difficult geometries and ground conditions and incorporate antibacterial lining that resists the development of bacterial colonies. To find out how Polypipe Rainstream could work for your building application, contact our Technical Team on 01509 615100.

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