Polypipe Ridgichute takes highway gully maintenance off-road

Friday 28th February 2020

Ridgichute from Polypipe Civils & Infrastructure, the UK’s leading manufacturer of sustainable drainage and water management solutions, is a sumpless gully chute for transport-critical routes that captures water from a larger carriageway surface area and minimises on-carriageway maintenance, improving safety for operatives and drivers and reducing lane closures.


Ridgichute’s hydraulically efficient sumpless design takes captured water, pollutants, silt and other particulate matter away from high-risk carriageways straight into integrated Ridgidrain drainage networks and onto remote separator chambers. Because the water flows faster, fewer Ridgichute gullies will be needed than if a standard gully were used.


This obviates the risk of gully blockages; reduces the number of individual maintenance activities; reduces the need for carriageway closures – and increases the safety of highway operatives by shifting tasks away from the roadside. By preventing contaminated silts and liquor accumulation, Ridgichute also prevents the ‘foul flush’ of heavily polluted sump residues.


Manufactured from lightweight polypropylene, Ridgichute integrates seamlessly with Polypipe Civils’s Ridgidrain, the UK’s most popular surface water drainage piping system for highways and the first twinwall surface water drainage system with Highways Authority Product Approval Scheme (HAPAS) up to diameters of 900mm


Available in three sizes – 600 x 600mm, 900 x 900mm and 1200 x 675mm – designed to sit beneath the most popular gully gratings, Ridgichute comes with the choice of either 225mm or 300mm outlets.


Sean Norris, Product Manager at Polypipe, says: “As the volume and intensity of rainfall increases due to climate change, the need to move high volumes of water becomes more important to keep traffic flowing and drivers safe. Ridgichute does just that!”


For more information about Polypipe Civils & Infrastructure full range of water management solutions, please visit https://www.polypipe.com/civils or call: 01509 615100.

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