Polypipe gives landmark Rolls-Royce development forward momentum

Wednesday 12th July 2017

Polypipe has supplied a complete infrastructure solution to a high-profile development, at Rolls-Royce Watnall Road site, in Hucknall, Nottinghamshire.


The area is being developed over the next seven years with a new road network central to the plan, which is being renovated for multiple purposes. The finished scheme will include a school, commercial buildings with warehouses and up to 900 new homes in a project backed by Rolls-Royce and scheme developer Muse.


Polypipe worked with main contractor Galliford Try to supply the main drainage and sewer infrastructure across the 150 acres of land. In addition, Polypipe has also supplied Ridgiduct cable protection to enhance the security and safety of the electricity and utilities networks.


The holistic approach that Polypipe brought to every aspect of the project ensured that the main contractor switched to using plastic systems ahead of originally specified traditional materials, for speed of installation and ease of use.


To provide the land assigned for homes with necessary infrastructure, Polypipe supplied Polysewer and Ridgisewer structured wall sewer pipes and fittings, and surface water drainage system Ridgidrain to assist with excess surface water discharge. Ridigullies and Connection Saddles were also used to help connect the drainage systems together.


For the sewer system, 340m of 150mm Polysewer and 250m of 450-600mm Ridgisewer were installed for both surface water and foul sewers for adoption by the local water company under Section 104 and section 106 agreement. Over 80 Ridgigullies were installed to capture surface water, which are connected to Ridgidrain pipes to direct surface water to local natural watercourses. To complete the systems, Connection Saddles were also used to connect smaller Polysewer pipes to Ridgisewer, and Ridgidrain to Ridgistorm-XL.


The project design was underpinned by extensive use of Ridgistorm-XL large diameter pipe, with stiffness classification intelligently engineered by Polypipe technical team to meet the differing ground conditions across the site.


As part of the site’s impressive surface drainage water infrastructure, Polypipe was able to produce over 800m of Ridgistorm-XL, in diameters ranging from 750-1050mm. Each section of pipe was engineered to a specific length that met the exact requirements of the project. The final system allows for high volumes of water to be discharged into local watercourses.


In addition to the drainage infrastructure, over 20km of Ridgiduct has been supplied and installed to help protect the power lines, street lights and clean water systems. The advantage of this approach is that housing and building developers which work on the Watnall Road site will be able to connect the new homes and commercial units to these pre-installed networks.


Jamie Missenden, Project Manager at Galliford Try comments:

“Polypipe’s products have been used many times by Galliford Try as we have a really strong relationship. We made the decision to switch the specified system from a clay and concrete system to a plastic based solution. At the Watnall Road site, the specified systems have been easy to install and the technical support from Polypipe throughout has ensured a smooth process.”


Rosie Cheetham, Marketing Consultant at Polypipe Civils comments:

“The strength of Polypipe is that we can supply systems that can meet the needs of any project, and that adapt to the situation faced by contractors and engineers. At Watnall Road our technical team has worked to provide products to create a complex infrastructure network that will allow further building to take place.


“The fact that all products can be supplied by one company is also an advantage for contractors such as Galliford Try who are working to tight project deadlines.”

Polypipe Civils role in the project is due to be completed in Summer 2017.


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