Commending international landscape excellence with Dame Sylvia Crowe Award

Wednesday 25th November 2020

Recognising landscape excellence around the world, the Dame Sylvia Crowe Award is a prestigious award delivered by the Landscape Institute and one that Polypipe Civils & Green Urbanisation is proud to support as sponsor.


The Landscape Institute describes the award – named after the eminent landscape architect and garden designer – as recognising “major achievement through people, research, projects, plans or schemes that have delivered significant benefits to people, place and nature through their unique work or landscape-led approaches.” It will be presented by Sean Robinson, Specification Director of Polypipe Civils & Green Urbanisation at the virtual Landscape Institute Awards on November 26th.


Polypipe’s Green Urbanisation solutions encourage and support creative approaches to developing green assets in urban landscapes by connecting sub-base attenuation tanks directly to the surface landscaping through an innovation in rainwater re-use: passive irrigation.


Passive irrigation technology (wicking cones) supports, protects and contains root systems allowing plants to thrive in areas, such as rooftops. It is this breakthrough technology that protects green areas during periods of drought, reduces potable water demand during hot weather and enhances biodiversity by maintaining flora in optimum growing conditions.


“As a business, we are making a significant step-change in the way both surface water and green infrastructure are being integrated across the built environment,” comments Sean Robinson. “By linking the landscape with the wider drainage network, we are striving to not only manage water and mitigate flood risks, but also to develop optimised green assets that benefit people and the environment, delivering sustainable net-gain solutions adaptable to any urban setting.


“The Dame Sylvia Crowe award recognises projects that deliver significant benefits to people, places and nature, something that we at Polypipe Civils & Green Urbanisation champion. We have committed to developing this technology to deliver a new generation of innovative sustainable drainage solutions that links attenuated water to green assets.


“We are pleased to support the Landscape Institute Awards and recognise the importance of helping landscape professionals achieve biodiversity net-gain. We are proud to show our support for the landscape community and commend the winners of this prestigious award.”


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