Ridgistorm-XL Large Diameter Pipe System

Ridgistorm-XL is an engineered large diameter pipe system, in diameters 750-3000mm, for use in a wide variety of applications including surface water, foul water, combined sewers, large scale flood alleviation schemes, renewable energy and even displacement ventilation.

Pre-fabricated, engineered solutions


We also offer a range of pre-fabricated, engineered solutions which are designed to integrate seamlessly within existing drainage or water management systems, including our Ridgidrain, Ridgisewer and Ridgistorm-XL systems.


Ancillary products



Providing access to a pipework system for inspection and maintenance. They’re engineered for use in stormwater, foul and combined sewer applications.


Filter Chambers

Our pre-fabricated chambers are for use in a range of stormwater attenuation and infiltration systems requiring ‘in line’ silt and debris separation.


Flow Controllers

Both Vortex and Orifice Plate Flow Control Chambers are specially designed to manage the discharge rate of surface water.


Penstocks and valves

Facilitating maintenance, control system flows and protection of the drainage system from surcharging.


Low Flow Channel

Designed for use in large capacity surface water or foul tanks and sewers where a minimum self-cleansing water velocity is required for 'dry weather flows'.




  • Ridgistorm-XL applications


    Ridgistorm-XL is a versatile solution proven for applications ranging from pipelines for surface water drainage and foul sewer schemes, to attenuation structures, large diameter manholes and pre-fabricated component chambers. 

  • Ridgistorm-XL Pipes

    Standards & approvals

    Ridgistorm-XL has been through extensive testing to ensure the system is WRC approved, and comes with Water Company Approval for Capital Works projects and installations under Section 104, Section 106 and Section 38 agreements

  • Ridgistorm Pipe Profile Designs

    Pipe profile design

    Pipe profile designs can be adapted to maximise strength and minimise the use of material within the pipeline. This improves pipeline performance and provides a fully engineered solution.

  • Ridgistorm Jointing Options

    Jointing options

    Ridgistorm-XL can be designed and manufactured to suit any jointing requirement on-site. This includes ring seals, electro-fusion welding, extrusion welding, flange connections and mechanical pipe couplings.

  • Ridgistorm Jointing Frame

    Ridgistorm-XL Jointing Frames

    The Ridgistorm-XL Jointing Frame is a multi-use tool for assisting the jointing of Ridgistorm-XL ring sealed pipes in sizes 750-1800mm. They assist with the safe jointing of pipes by providing a flat surface for on-site construction machinery to apply a central force to push against, eliminating any damage to the end of the pipes and keeping the joining pipe square to the joint. They are constructed from steel with four built in lifting points for safe handling on-site.


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