RIDGISTORMControl Penstocks and Valves

We offer pre-fabricated structured wall chambers, in a range of diameters, which feature 'in line' system component such as a Penstocks, Gate Valves or Flap Valves. These products facilitate maintenance, control system flows and protect the drainage system from surcharging.

They are manufactured in a factory controlled environment, resulting in a high quality watertight structured walled chamber, that eliminates wastage associated with in-situ construction. Delivered to site as a one-piece modular solution, RIDGISTORMControl Chambers reduce installation time and cost on-site, as well minimising Health and Safety risks.


Gate Valves

Used to permit or prevent the flow of water and can isolate drainage sections. The valves open by lifting a wedge out of the path of the flow of water.


Flap Valves

A non-return hinged valve to prevent backflow upstream. They can also be used for outflow applications such as ponds, ditches, swales and tidal.



Penstocks consist of a gate which can isolate or control the flow of water or can be used as a flow control device to limit the flow of water passing through the system.




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RIDGISTORMControl Penstock & Valve Chambers Datasheet

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