Why use Polypipe for your Green Infrastructure project?

With the construction industry facing more and more challenges as a result of climate change, urbanisation and changes in building regulations, we make it a priority to work with you to find solutions to help you move forward. We’ve developed market-leading engineered products and systems that demonstrate exceptional performance; managing rainwater run-off and providing stormwater capture and attenuation. 

Our systems are designed not only to intercept and manage stormwater; helping to prevent flooding, but to re-use it – as part of a Blue-Green roof. Or capture and clean it as part of a permeable pavement or road-side system. We’re at the forefront of surface water drainage solutions because we constantly focus on innovation and technology to deliver the most effective and appropriate systems. So much so, that as part of our water management solutions, our InfraGreen range of products and systems can enhance Green Infrastructure possibilities even further.


They’re specially developed to create natural drainage through tree or plant root systems; tree boxes and ArborRaft geocellular systems that allow larger tree species to be installed within confined city spaces with the least amount of disruption. Solutions that consist of products which complement and support natural vegetation; trees, shrubs and grasses, and self-manage water efficiently and effectively, whilst providing stable load-bearing platforms for vehicular standing, such as InfraWeb  TRP – developed to permit lateral drainage and aeration. Combining Permavoid units with special fibre cylinders that use the capillary effect, provide plants with nutrients and water. This creates natural irrigation without using pumps, hoses, or energy; just like nature – whilst traditional engineered solutions can enhance the biophilic design to deliver a successful Green Infrastructure, water management and planted drainage solution.


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