SuDS: The Technical Detail

Polypipe's engineered SuDS have been designed to work as an effective Water Management Solution (WMS) on their own or together with soft SuDS – introducing effective, controlled retention, attenuation and infiltration at source or close to where rain falls.

SuDS can be used anywhere there’s surface water run-off. Polypipe WMS, therefore, integrate with soft SuDS such as swales, ditches and ponds to manage volume, velocity and infiltration. Where considered hard surface design includes permeable paving, infiltration and water interception can occur via geocellular units beneath the pavement.

Here we cover only a fraction of the many SuDS applications available and the techniques and benefits they deliver. The following technical information will demonstrate how standalone systems or a combination of SuDS components within a soft SuDS site, will help to ensure surface water runoff is used as a resource with many benefits.