Why do we need Green Infrastructure?

Green Infrastructure isn’t new – nature has provided it since the beginning of time. But with human needs and expectations, natural green spaces have taken a back seat in the name of progress.


With ever-new challenges from an increasing urban sprawl and with population growth within cities showing little sign of slowing down,5 our urban spaces are increasingly becoming more compromised. Population growth, progress and the subsequent ‘need’ for consumption such as cars, car parks, buildings, leisure centres, high rise apartments, hotels and more schools, has led to the depletion of our green spaces as a consequence – and with hard surfaces resulting in high levels of surface water run-off; placing added strain on sewer systems and contributing to increased temperatures and, consequently, Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect. 

Furthermore, through a lack of Green Infrastructure, biodiversity is depleting and clean air is deteriorating; the effects exacerbated by the increasing regularity of flooding incidents caused by climate change.

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Could Blue-Green Infrastructure be the solution? Perhaps, but it isn’t about simply adding greenery to urban developments. It’s about incorporating Water Management Solutions into the design of projects, understanding ways in which to deliver health and amenity benefits whilst making space for water – to help mitigate the risks of flooding, reduce the impacts of climate change while improving the wellbeing of the people who live within our cities.

In simple terms, there’s no green without blue.