Below Ground Drainage

As the recognised market leader in below ground drainage systems for professional developers and ground workers, we're the name that more successful residential projects are built on.

Our extensive foul and surface water drainage products are stocked in thousands of outlets across the UK and are suitable for a range of non-adoptable applications.

From beginning to end, our systems look after water and waste on all the way through their journey - while they look after you every step of the way by making installation faster thanks to their flexibility, strength and easy handling properties.

  • FAQs

    We recognise that when you're making the decision on which products are better suited for your project, it's only natural to have a series of questions. To cover off the most popular queries w

  • Inspection Chambers

    Our comprehensive range of inspection chambers gives you options for every non-adoptable and adoptable application. In some cases, one project may use a mixture of both solutions. To get thing

  • All Chambers

    Like all our products, our range of inspection chambers has been built with quality materials engineered to last. What’s more, all of our chambers are pre-benched and easy to cut to length w

  • Deep Inspection Chambers

    The 460mm diameter range of non man entry deep inspection chambers is available for connections into in 110mm, 150mm and 160mm pipework. To stay in line with regulations, our range of non man

  • Chambers for Building Regulations

    All of our systems meet and exceed regulatory standards and come with industry accreditations and approvals. That’s why we’ve developed a range of products to meet the new standards within

  • Chambers for Sewers for Adoption

    According to the new Sewers for Adoption 7th Edition guidelines, lateral drains and sewers that serve two or more properties and connect to the UK public sewerage network are now the responsib

  • The Benefits of Plastics

    Why use plastic above ground plumbing? Plastic plumbing components offer a wide range of advantages compared to traditional materials such as copper.

  • Domestic Drainage Systems

    Our comprehensive range of underground drainage products are available in a range of sizes and include all bends, junctions, gullies, chambers, reducers, adaptors and couplers.

  • Adoptable Sewer Systems

    We pride ourselves on providing a solution for every project – and our range of adoptable sewer systems is no exception. Our Polysewer range of pipes and fittings will take installers throug

  • Agricultural Drainage Systems

    We design all of our products and systems to comply with industry regulations and standards. We are also mindful of supplying practical product ranges for every type of project, including thos