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Green Urbanisation, a reimagination of holistic water management design

The new Code for Adoption guidance was also introduced to increase the use of hard and soft Sustainable Drainage Systems, giving developers the opportunity to exploit the multifunctional benefits of adoptable green urbanisation solutions.

About SuDS

What are SuDS?

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) 2012 sets out 'The Hierarchy of Drainage' to promote the use of SuDS by aligning modern drainage systems with natural water processes. The aim of 'The Hierarchy of Drainage' is to drain surface water run-off in a manner that, as reasonably as is practicable, replicates greenfield natural drainage. 

The increase in hard landscaping and the use of traditional drainage networks give rise to downstream flooding and a deterioration in water quality of controlled waters due to foul sewer overflow. Sustainable Drainage Systems help alleviate these problems by storing or reusing surface water at source - 'Source Control'. This decreases the flow rates to water courses and improves overall water quality. 

  • CIRIA – SuDS Manual and SSG

    SSG includes guidance on the use of SuDS in-line with CIRIA (the Construction Industry Research and Information Association) guidance for SuDS design with tried and tested methods written by experts covering design and installation through to maintenance requirements. These methodologies are covered in our own Green Urbanisation Design Guide which includes comprehensive advice and guidance on the use of our products and SuDS.

  • Four Pillars of SuDS

    The CIRIA SuDS manual and overarching principle of SuDS design is that surface water runoff should be managed for maximum benefit. The various types of benefits are fit into four categories known as the four pillars of SuDS – Water Quantity, Water Quality, Amenity and Biodiversity.

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  • What is the criteria for SuDS to be adoptable?

    • Be constructed for the drainage of buildings and yards belonging to buildings
    • Must have a channel
    • Must convey and return flows to a sewer, or to a surface water body, or to groundwater
    • Must have an effective point of discharge, which must have lawful authority to discharge into a watercourse or other water body, or onto or into land
    • May allow for some infiltration into the system – provided that is not the designed purpose
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Technical Detail on SuDS

Our engineered SuDS have been designed to work as holistic water management solutions introducing effective, controlled retention, attenuation and infiltration at source.

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