Surestop Water Valves

At Surestop, we are a leading UK manufacturer of Smart Water Control Technology in both the Residential and Commercial sectors. Through innovative technology, Surestop Water Control products ensure that water can be turned on and off instantly and easily.

Using only water pressure and without the use of batteries or electrics, Surestop products will instantly stop the mains water supply with a simple flick of a switch. Our Surestop products are simple to install and easier to identify, as well as use, compared with traditional brass stopcocks or valves.


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  • Surestop Standalone Valve

    Surestop Valve

    Our standalone Valve is the perfect choice for occupants who can reach a new or existing stopcock, but wish to have one which is easier to use. Its quick to install and by simply pressing its Lock-Down button, it completely STOPS the water supply.

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  • Surestop Vave and Switch

    Surestop Valve with Remote Switch

    The Surestop Valve with Remote Switch is ideal for when it cannot be easily accessed. After installing the Surestop Valve, a discreet remote switch is then fitted in a convenient location - for even greater ease of access. No electrics or batteries involved.

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  • Surestop MDPE Valve

    Surestop Valve New Build

    Ideal for New Build, this Surestop MDPE Valve  is designed to be fitted directly between the external MDPE pipe and internal pipe system. It features a simple Lock-Down button to control the water supply, so that the entire system can be instantly turned off.

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