Plot Twist

A new drainage narrative - on and off plot 

New sewerage sector guidance (SSG) authored by Water UK and approved by Ofwat encourages comprehensive, holistic water management design throughout site developments as standard.

For the first time it supports the use of the latest high performance thermoplastic pipeline materials while encouraging the wider adoption of sustainable drainage assets. 

What does the guidance mean?

Polypipe has the largest range of approved and compliant thermoplastic sewer pipes, fittings and chambers and now, with the new sewer sector guidance our range has got bigger including adoptable next generation SuDS and geocellular solutions promoting the integration of green infrastructure.

Whatever the size or scale of your project, our team of Civil Engineers and Drainage Specialists is on hand to provide advice and support in specifying the right products for your project.

  • The Guidance

    The introduction of SSG in April 2020 confirms to developers across England that the use of thermoplastic piping will be accepted for adoption no matter which water company is to adopt the assets.

    In addition, the guidance has a strong focus on increasing the use of hard and soft Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) on new build developments to mitigate the risk of surplus rainfall overwhelming the sewer systems. 

    The new legislation from Ofwat contains explicit instruction that the use of plastic-based pipes, when compliant with the required standards, for below ground drainage can be utilised on all development sites in England, for both on-plot and off-plot solutions to manage the drainage of surface water and foul waste provided they comply with the right standards.

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  • On-Plot

    Polypipe’s on-plot drainage solutions have been engineered to meet requirements of residential developments of all sizes and are compliant with SSG standards. Our lightweight, Polysewer systems are easy to handle and install.

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  • Off-Plot

    Polypipe has the largest and most comprehensive range of drainage solutions in the UK. Our off-plot sewer products range in size from 150mm diameter through to 3000mm. Ridgisewer products are tried and tested to meet SSG standards, they are lightweight, easy-to-install and our team of technical experts are on hand to provide advice and support from specification to installation. 

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    Green Urbanisation - next generation SuDS

    The introduction of SuDS to SSG is an important one as it marks a step change in the planning of water management on future developments. By incorporating green urbanisation systems developers can maximise the value and potential of developable land and meet impending Biodiversity Net Gain requirements.


Technical Workshops

Book a free technical workshop with one of our drainage team specialists to find out more about Green Urbanisation and adoptable SuDS features.