Domestic Plumbing Systems

Why use plastic plumbing? Plastic plumbing components offer a wide range of advantages compared to traditional materials such as copper.

To stay in step with the changing demands of the industry, our innovative range of plastic plumbing systems continues to evolve to satisfy every project specification and budget.

We now offer four different plumbing systems, each designed to allow you to specify the right solution for the job - in push and press fit solutions in 10mm, 15mm, 22mm and 28mm.


Countless benefits for installers
Though each range is specially designed for specific plumbing applications, they all share one thing - with no specialist welding or soldering skills needed, safe, near-instant jointing is made easy.

Plus, there's no mess, no costly consumables and less chance of theft as no copper is used in their manufacture.

PolyPlumb - Traditional push fit plumbing
The choice of more plumbing professionals, our original hard-working and durable grey plumbing system.

PolyMax - Streamline push fit plumbing system
Slim and sleek, ideal for surface mounted applications, PolyMax is our tool demountable white fittings option ideal for home improvement and refit projects

PolyFit - Quickfix push fit plumbing system
Our hand demountable solution for maximum flexibility, ideal for first fix applications

PolySure - Permanent press fit system
Slim profile fittings, designed specifically to UK plumbing sizes for high frequency use applications requiring additional security.

Surestop Stopcocks
Also available, as part of the wider Polypipe plastic system offering is Surestop. Surestop is a unique and innovative stopcock range, preventing water leakage with the flick of a switch.

  • The Benefits of Plastics

    Why use plastic above ground plumbing? Plastic plumbing components offer a wide range of advantages compared to traditional materials such as copper.

  • PolyPlumb - Traditional push-fit Plumbing

    Plastic Plumbing Videos

    Polypipe recognises that no two jobs are the same and has developed application-based range of plumbing solutions with four fittings range, backed by a range of pipe options

  • Secure but Releasable Fittings

    When a joint needs to be tamper-proof but may need to be removed choose Polyfit – our range of fittings that can be quickly demounted by hand or by using our release tool.

  • Reducing Site Hot Works

    Soldering and welding on site has long been the accepted way to create watertight joints in plumbing systems. However, technology has created a better way.

  • Reducing Theft from Site

    Our residential pipes and fittings are irresistible to installers and specifiers in terms of convenience, speed of installation and reliability, but they’re not as attractive to thieves.

  • Domestic

    We provide a wide choice of high-quality plastic plumbing solutions ideal for use in the residential sector. Whether new build or repair and maintenance, hot and cold water or heating systems,

  • Commercial

    Conveying water through high occupancy or high use buildings presents a different set of challenges for installers and specifiers. Not only is access for installation, maintenance and repair a

  • Care Homes

    High occupancy buildings such as residential care homes require different levels of specification compared to domestic buildings. To meet these demands, we offer a range of plumbing solutions