Ridgistorm-XL Low Flow Channel

Ridgistorm-XL Low Flow Channel (LFC) is designed for use in large capacity surface water or foul tanks and sewers where a minimum self-cleansing water velocity is required for 'dry weather flows'.

The Ridgistorm-XL LFC concentrates the water flow into a narrower channel, increasing the water flow velocity and preventing any pooling of water or settlement of solids within the piping system. In periods of high flow, the open channel will overflow, activating the full volume of pipe.

With longer dry spells and more frequent flooding events, water companies can incorporate a LFC into adoptable schemes if required. This allows for water and sewage to be kept moving, even during prolonged dry spells.


Available sizes


Ridgistorm-XL LFC is available in pipe and chamber diameter sizes 900-3000mm.

A ring sealed jointed options is available in sizes 900-1800mm, with larger sizes able to be jointed via extrusion welding or electro-fusion welding. 


There are three standard channel widths available in sizes 150mm, 225mm and 300mm. These channels are pre-fabricated and delivered to site ready to install in lengths from 1.25-12m.


Features & benefits


  • Prevents water stagnation and eliminates blockages
  • Can be used with any stiffness classification of Ridgistorm-XL pipe
  • Ability to withstand the weight of a person accessing the pipeline to stand on the benching either side of the channel
  • Pre-fabricated in factory controlled conditions
  • Smooth anti-stick benching for superior hydraulic performance and prevention of materials sticking to the top surface of the benching and turning septic
  • Ability to withstand ground movement without failure of the welds
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