Ridgidrain Pipe System - surface water drainage

Ridgidrain is used for non-pressurised surface and sub-surface drainage applications.

It’s the very first twinwall surface water drainage system in the UK with Highways Authority Product Approval Scheme (HAPAS) status (up to 900mm). It also has a high strength to weight ratio, plus the flexibility to resist high traffic loads with a design life in excess of 60 years.


Minimising leaks


The integral sockets are easy for pipe alignment and have a low friction inner wall for improved hydraulics. Ridgidrain is supplied in 6m lengths, reducing the number of joints and risks of leakage.


Chemical resistant


Made from 100% recycled, high strength HDPE using a structured wall design, the pipe is robust yet flexible, with high resistance to the most common chemicals.


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Highways Solutions Brochure

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Chalton Water Recycling Centre

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Polypipe supplies to UK’s biggest wholesale market

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Ridgidrain Inspection Chambers

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Ridgidrain 100-900mm Pipes & Couplers BBA Certificate

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Ridgidrain 150-375mm BBA HAPAS Certificate

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Ridgidrain 150-600mm Fittings BBA HAPAS Certificate

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Ridgidrain 400-600mm BBA Certificate

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Ridgidrain 150-900mm Pipes & Couplers BBA HAPAS Certificate

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