Polystorm: an 8 Step Guide

1. Select the right Modular Cell

Polystorm Lite – PSM2Polystorm Lite modular cell
Polystorm Lite has been specifically designed for non-trafficked applications. With a 20 tonne per square metre compressive strength it will withstand and support the load of general maintenance vehicles such as grass cutters. It's typically used in landscaped areas, pedestrianised areas at lower depths.




Polystorm-R – PSM1APolystorm R Modular Cell
The standard Polystorm cell for trafficked and loaded applications at greater depths, has a compressive strength of 61 tonnes per square metre and the added benefits of a higher recycled material content. Ideally suited for housing, commercial and infrastructure projects.





Polystorm – PSM1Polystorm Modular Cell
The Polystorm cell made of virgin material has a 44 tonnes per square metre compressive strength and is ideally suited for attenuation or infiltration under trafficked and loaded areas at greater depths.





Polystorm Xtra – PSM3Polystorm Xtra Modular Cell
Designed for use in deeper burial depths, heavily trafficked applications, Polystorm Xtra has a compressive strength of 83 tonnes per square metre, making it suitable for very heavily trafficked areas, deep applications and where reduced cover is required.





Polystorm Deep – PSM5Polystorm Xtra Modular Cell
Designed for use in trafficked applications such as lorry parks and industrial access roads. It can be buried deeper than any other Polystorm cell and can be value engineered as part of a hybrid system.









Connection Accessories:


Brick Bond Connectors – PSMBBSCBrick Bond Connectors

Clips – PSMCLIPModular Cell Clips


Shear Connectors - PSMSCModular Cell Shear Connectors



2. Select access if maintenance and inspection is required


Polystorm AccessPolystorm Access
Polystorm Access provides a 1m x 0.5m vertical shaft within a Polystorm geocellular structure to enable surface access for remote camera inspection and maintenance activities such as flushing and rodding. The system consists of a 500mm diameter shaft which extends from surface level to the top of a Polystorm structure at which point a turret provides an interface between the shaft and the inspection chamber within the Polystorm structure.



Polystorm InspectPolystorm Inspect – PSM4
The Polystorm Inspect cell is complementary to the Polystorm range of modular cell solutions. Its primary purpose is to provide a tunnel along the length of a fully installed Polystorm structure to enable access for inspection and maintenance. Polystorm Inspect is a high strength thermoplastic cell which evenly distributes its load through the Polystorm structure. The tunnel end is left open by default but the unit can be closed off if required by clipping into place the moulded end plate. For purposes of identification the cell features a yellow center section and end plate.





3. Select if treatment is required



Permavoid BiomatPermavoid Medium Duty with Biomat
Comprising of a high strength, low density, oil treating geo-synthetic floating mat for use with the Polystorm range of modular geocellular units. For multi-stage oil interception, the Permavoid Medium Duty with Biomat can be used in conjunction with Permachannel (linear treatment).





4. Select the right wrap



Permafilter GeomembraneGeomembrane for retention and attenuation
An impermeable membrane for wrapping around geocellular structures to form watertight attenuation tanks. This is then wrapped in a geotextile which protects the geomembrane during installation.





Polystorm GeotextilePolystorm Geotextile for Soakaway UV stabilized, polypropylene geotextiles, suitable for use as part of our Polystorm geocellular system for infiltration applications. Can also be incorporated into drainage trenches.







Permafilter Geotextile for Water Treatment and SoakawayPermafilter Geotextile
This geotextile has been specifically designed to remove hydrocarbon pollution, treating the captured water before infiltrating it into the ground for treatment and soakaway.






Permatex 300 for infiltration or protectionPermatex 300
A non-woven protective geotextile for soakaway infiltration solutions or to wrap a geocellular tank before a geomembrane is installed for added protection.






5. Add Flange Connections

A Flange Adaptor is attached at both the inlet and outlet points to allow water to enter and exit the tank.

5a. Polystorm cells with Flange Connections to Drainage Pipes: PSMCRD225 (225mm), PSMCRD300 (300mm), PSMCRD375 (375mm)

5b. Polystorm Inspect Cells with Flange Connections to drainage pipes: PSM4CRD225 (225mm), PSM4CRD300 (300mm)

5c. Flange Adaptor to EN1401: PSMFA110 (110mm) or PSMFA160 (160mm)

5d. Flange Adaptor to Ridgidrain: PSMFA150 (150mm), PSMFA225 (225mm), PSMFA300 (300mm), PSMFA375 (375mm), PSMFA450 (450mm), PSMFA600 (600mm)

Flange Adaptor to EN1401

Flange Adaptor


Polystorm cell with Drainage Flange Connection


Polystorm Cell Including Drainage Flange Connection


6. Venting

Every attenuation tank required at least one vent to maximize hydraulic performance, reduce stress on encapsulating Geomembranes and avoid stagnant water. This can be done by installing either a Vent Cowl or a connection pipe to vent air directly into an upstream chamber.

6a. Vent Cowl: SCV40

Vent Cowl

6b. BS EN 1401-1 pipe: UG430

UG 430 Pipe

6c. 150mm Ridgidrain pipe for ventilation into the upstream chamber

150mm Ridgidrain Pipe

7. Associated upstream chambers

Ridgidrain Pipe7a. Ridgidrain: Ridgidrain can be utilised within a Polystorm system by allowing captured surface water to enter the attenuation or soakaway tank.






7b. RIDGISTORMSeparate ChambersRIDGISTORMSeparate

RIDGISTORMSeparate Chambers are self-cleaning and prevent the ingress of debris, silt, organic and even other particles into the Polystorm structure extending its useful life.





Silt Traps for RIDGISTORMSeparateSilt Trap – Small diameter (320-460mm): Silt traps are available from the RIDGISTORMSeparate Silt Traps range.







Catchpits for RIDGISTORMSeparateRIDGISTORMSeparate Catchpits – Larger diameter (450-3000mm): Catchpits are available from the RIDGISTORMSeparate range.







Filter Chambers For RIDGISTORMSeparateRIDGISTORMSeparate Filter Chambers - In addition to silt traps and Catchpits, we also offer RIDGISTORMSeparate Filter Chambers with additional treatment features.






8. Associated downstream chambers


A choice of Vortex or Orifice Plate Flow Control Chambers for precise control of site discharge rates.






Pre-fabricated structured wall chambers which feature ‘in-line’ system components such as penstocks, gate valves or flap valves to control system flows and facilitate maintenance.






Ridgidrain Pipe8c. Ridgidrain
Ridgidrain can be utilised to drain away stored water from a Polystorm attenuation tank.




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An 8 step guide to a total Polystorm system

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