Polystorm Deep

Polystorm Deep has been designed for use in trafficked applications such as lorry parks and industrial access roads. It has vertical compressive strength of 61 tonnes/m² and a lateral compressive strength of 14.6 tonnes/m². This allows for a deeper burial, and consequently a higher volume of water capture and storage. It can be buried deeper than any other Polystorm cell at a depth of up to 8m and can be value engineered as part of a hybrid system.




The Polystorm Deep modular cells are combined to form a structure that received rainwater collected from roofs or surface water drains. The rainwater is then either attenuated by the structure – when wrapped in an impermeable membrane, or infiltrated by the structure – when wrapped in a permeable geotextile.


Key Features & Benefits:


  • Vertical compressive strength of 61 tonnes/m² and the highest lateral compressive strength of any Polystorm unit
  • Ideal for retention, attenuation or infiltration applications with a suitable geomembrane or geotextile
  • Designed for trafficked conditions which require deeper burial depths
  • Allows for flexibility of shape – ideal for narrow strips or use in restricted areas
  • Can be used as part of a value engineered hybrid system in trafficked applications with Polystorm-R and Polystorm Xtra
  • Can be used as part of a value engineered hybrid system for non-trafficked applications with Polystorm Lite and Polystorm-R
  • Undergone testing in accordance to BBA certification
  • Integrated 160mm inlet and outlet
  • 3D flow throughout the structure
  • 95% void ratio
  • Light in weight yet robust – excellent Health & Safety and installation benefits
  • 100% recyclable at the end of its useful life
  • 50 years creep limited life expectancy
  • Manufactured from 82% recycled material




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Polystorm Flyer

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Polystorm Deep Datasheet

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An 8 step guide to a total Polystorm system

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