Our comprehensive range of building products provide everything you need for domestic housing projects from start to finish.

At Polypipe, conceiving, designing, manufacturing and delivering the most advanced products and systems isn't merely an occupation. It's a passion. One that's based around a few simple beliefs. Expertise isn't an option. Quality always beats quantity. products are northing without service and support. Sustainability isn't just a 'green' word. And working with out customers is much better than simply supplying them.


Whether for a new-build or refurbishment project we understand the pressures developers and homeowners face in terms of finding the right product solutions to meet their needs and also meet specifications and building regulations. Our knowledge allows us to provide carefully tailored solutions to help you meet all of your necessary rquirements. Our holistic range is sustainable, energy efficient and cost effective.                      

No matter what the scale of your project is, we have a solution for:

  • Domestic Above Ground Drainage
  • Domestic Below Ground Drainage
  • Domestic Rainwater Drainage
  • Domestic Plastic Plumbing
  • Underfloor Heating Solutions
  • Ventilation
  • Pressure Systems
  • Domestic Insulations Solutions
  • Water Management Solutions


  • Above Ground Drainage

    Polypipe is the recognised market leader for above ground drainage systems for the professional plumber.

  • Below Ground Drainage

    As the recognised market leader in below ground drainage systems for professional developers and ground workers, we're the name that more successful residential projects are built on.

  • Rainwater

    Our rainwater systems range offers a comprehensive selection of rainwater solutions. Practical options that don't just provide the correct technical solution, but also offer versatile aesthetic options for both residential and light commercial use.

  • Plastic Plumbing

    Our domestic plastic plumbing components offer a wide range of advantages compared to traditional materials such as copper.

  • Underfloor Heating

    Whether new build, renovation or home extension, our underfloor heating systems provide a robust, reliable solution for any room in every home.

  • Ventilation

    As a leading designer and manufacturer of energy saving ventilation systems, our exclusive Domus duct products and Silavent mechanical extract appliances offer a high quality solution for domestic applications.

  • Pressure Systems

    Our range of high performance polyethylene pressure pipe systems provides a strong yet flexible solution for above and below ground water supply and distribution.

  • Insulation

    Polypipe has an extensive offering of insulation products, specially designed to assist in energy saving requirements and the latest increased thermal and acoustic requirements required in construction.



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Above Ground Trade Price List

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Polypipe Plastic Piping Systems and Solutions

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