Polystorm Applications

We provide the widest range of geocellular water management solutions to meet the requirements of sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) across an extensive variety of applications.


The Polystorm system is the established solution for deeper applications, whilst the Permavoid system is proven to provide robust, effective source control through retentionattenuation or infiltration at shallower depths.


Shallow Applications


The Permavoid geocellular sub-base replacement system has been specifically designed and tested to provide stormwater treatment and management at shallower depths. Modular cells form a structural raft of exceptional compressive and tensile strength. Minimising the need for excavation, it is ideal for problematic sites such as those with a high water tables or contaminated land.

Deep Applications


The tried and tested Polystorm geocellular system provides stormwater retention, attenuation or infiltration at a variety of depths, and is ideally suited for deeper applications. It can accommodate a variety of traffic loadings, from pedestrianised areas to large HGV parks.


Shallow and Deep Working together


We are the only manufacturer who can offer combined shallow and deep geocellular solutions, creating an even wider choice for the management of surface water.

Talk to us early in the project and we can help you find the right combination of shallow and deep systems to deliver considerable project cost savings.

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