Polystorm Inspect

The Polystorm Inspect cell provides a tunnel along the length of a fully installed Polystorm structure to provide access for inspection and maintenance.


How Polystorm Inspect Works

Polystorm Inspect is a high strength thermoplastic cell which evenly distributes its load through the Polystorm structure. The tunnel end is left open by default but the unit can be closed off if required by clipping into place the moulded end plate. For purposes of identification, the cell features a yellow center section and end plate.


Polystorm Inspect Works With The Polystorm System

Polystorm Inspect is suitable for use with Polystorm Lite, Polystorm-R, and Polystorm. It may be combined with Polystorm Access for both vertical and full length remote inspection and maintenance.


Polystorm Inspect Features & Benefits

  • Creates a horizontal tunnel running through the middle of the tank to provide access for inspection and maintenance, i.e. jetting and rodding
  • Can be used with Polystorm Lite, Polystorm-R and Polystorm
  • Tunnel can be used as a flow inlet track achieving greater stormwater flow distribution within the unit
  • Large access tunnel (height 320mm and width 172mm nominal) – allows maximum field of vision while maintaining the systems structural performance
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Light weight cell allows easier handling and reduced Health & Safety risk
  • Utilises the same Shear Connectors and Clips as the Polystorm range
  • The tunnel restricts the dissipation of silt in to the overall structure making inspection and maintenance easier
  • Polystorm Inspect cells with 225mm or 300mm inlets are available



        Polystorm Inspect Inspection Maintenance Crate Technical Specification Table

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