Polystorm Access

Polystorm Access provides a 1m x 0.5m shaft within a Polystorm geocellular structure to enable surface access for remote camera inspection and maintenance activities such as flushing and rodding.


How Polystorm Access Works
The system consists of a 500mm diameter shaft which extends from surface level to the top of a Polystorm structure, at which point a turret provides an interface between the shaft and the inspection chamber within the Polystorm structure. At the bottom of the chamber, a base unit interlocks with the surrounding layer of Polystorm cells whilst supporting the geomembrane. A 350mm reduced access shaft cap is provided to comply with inspection chamber regulations.


Works With Any Polystorm Cell
Polystorm Access is suitable for use with Polystorm-R, Polystorm, Polystorm Lite and Polystorm Xtra. It may be combined with Polystorm Inspect for full length remote inspection and maintenance.


Features & Benefits


  • Meets minimum 450mm width requirement for inspection chamber access, with 350mm reduced access where regulations dictate
  • Integrated solution: can be used with Polystorm Inspect to monitor internal volume of geocellular structure
  • Base unit provides smooth transition between Polystorm Inspect units
  • Multiple inspection configurations can be achieved when used in conjunction with Polystorm Inspect
  • Manufactured from polyethylene for light weight, ease of handling and high strength
  • Sustainability: All components 100% recyclable after use




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