Rail Drainage

Surface Water Drainage Solutions for Rail
We offer an extensive range of trackside and station solutions to facilitate surface water drainage, and our products are integral to a number of major rail infrastructure projects throughout the UK.


Polypipe systems are designed to make installation quick and cost-effective, minimising track closures and general disruption where possible. All relevant products and systems carry Network Rail Parts and Drawing Systems (PADS) approval.


PADS Approved Trackside Surface Water Drainage Pipe System
PADS certified Ridgidrain, 100-600mm surface water drainage pipes, are already being used successfully in a large number of rail drainage trackside systems. It is engineered from HDPE using a structured wall design to produce a high strength pipe that combines all the strength of a solid profile with additional flexibility and lighter weight.


As a result, it will disperse the loads applied by passing trains to the surrounding backfill, minimising the risk of leaks. A fraction of the weight of clay or concrete, Ridgidrain can be manufactured in longer 6m lengths, with fewer joints (and potential leak points) over a given distance. This also speeds up installation and ultimately, the return of the track to the rail operator.

London Underground Applications

Ridgitrack is an extension to the popular Ridgidrain surface water drainage piping system, it has been specifically designed for rail applications and is approved for use within London Underground. Available in sizes 150 - 600mm plain ended or integrally socketed, Ridgitrack can be supplied perforated, half perforated or un-perforated where a sealed system is required and is complimented by a range of bends and junctions.


Ridgitrack for trackside drainage is approved for use for London Underground for trackside drainage within cess, 6 foot areas, under track crossings (UTX) and sub-surface (S12) areas. Ridgitrack can also be used for above ground rail drainage applications.



Station Area Drainage Solutions
Surface water can pose a significant problem in station complexes because of the large areas of impermeable paved surfaces that are necessary as part of their development. Concourses, car parking and platforms all contribute to surface water run-off, which can quickly overwhelm drainage systems and lead to flooding.


Engineered solutions from Polypipe for the drainage requirements of rail stations include Ridgidrain in diameters 100-600mm and, for an integrated SUDS approach, our Ridgistorm-XL large diameter pipe system in diameters 750-3000mm, Permavoid and Polystorm geocellular systems and Rainstream Rainwater Re-use systems.

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