Permavoid Medium Duty with Biomat

Permavoid Medium Duty with Biomat - Product Code: PSM1BM


Permavoid Medium Duty with Biomat is designed for use with Polystorm attenuation and soakaway systems. It features a tri-laminate of low density plastic composite (biomat). The biomat floats on water and is designed to intercept and treat any residual emulsified oils present in the surface water. This provides additional oil retention and water treatment capability to an underground water storage system.


The Permavoid Medium Duty with Biomat units are suitable for use as a stormwater retention, attenuation or soakaway system. Used to provide hydrocarbon treatment, they are suitable for a range of applications including, retail, residential, commercial and off road parking.


The structural load bearing capacity if the Permavoid units have been tested in accordance with CIRIA C680. The structural design life is a minimum of 60 years. The units have 3D flow and have a void ratio of 95%.


Features & Benefits


  • Pollutant-intercepting floating mat degrades residual oils by absorption and aerobic digestion
  • One unit is capable of retaining 56g of oil per meter square
  • Can be incorporated into Polystorm retention, attenuation and infiltration systems
  • 95% void ratio
  • 60 year creep limited life expectancy
  • 100% recyclable
  • Units are manufactured from recycled materials
  • Light weight yet robust – excellent Health and Safety installation benefits


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