Permavoid² 85 Irrigation

The Permavoid² 85 Irrigation comprises of six pre-connected units with an integral wicking media and is designed to provide attenuation and irrigation for shallow non-loaded applications. The stored water is carried up through the cell via absorbent capillary cones using capillary action and, in conjunction with Permavoid Permatex Capillary Geotextile, is spread laterally across the surface area. Ideal for use in the most diverse roof and podium deck applications, enabling extensive and intensive greening, alongside hardlandscaping. It is 85mm high, manufactured from recycled polypropylene and minimises installation time.


Key Benefits


  • Enables surface water management and makes space for water in urban environments
  • Provides passive irrigation by maintaining saturation of the wicking geotextile at 55-65%
  • Allows the wicked stormwater to spread across a large surface area, ensuring plants have soil moisture to promote growth
  • Minimises evaporation and over spraying losses associated with above ground irrigation systems
  • Can be installed as part of an intelligent water management system, which can be controlled and monitored remotely
  • High capacity, shallow, sub-base replacement system for non-trafficked applications 
  • 93% void ratio provides excellent storage capacity
  • Plan area of 3m² maximises unit coverage, increasing laying efficiency
  • Manufactured from recycled material
  •  Design life in excess of 50 years
  • 100% recyclable at the end of its service life




Permavoid² 85 Irrigation is designed for use in applications that will not be exposed to traffic loading, including:


  • Green Roofs
  • Blue roof gardens
  • Soft landscapes areas
  • Raised planters
  • Sports pitches


For non-irrigation applications, please see our Permavoid² 85.


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