Permavoid² 85

The Permavoid² 85 comprises of six pre-connected units and is designed to provide attenuation for shallow non-loaded applications. Ideal for use in the most diverse roof and podium deck applications, alongside hard-landscaping. It is 85mm high, manufactured from recycled polypropylene and minimises installation time.


Key Benefits


• Provides surface water management and makes space for water in urban environments

• Supports numerous surface activities

• High capacity, shallow, sub-base replacement system for non-trafficked applications

• 93% void ratio provides excellent storage capacity

• Plan area of 3m² maximises unit coverage, increasing laying efficiency

• Manufactured from recycled material

• Design life in excess of 50 years

• 100% recyclable at the end of its service life




The Permavoid² 85 is designed for use in applications that will not be exposed to traffic loading, including:

• Green Roofs

• Blue Roofs

• Podium Decks

• Sports Pitches

• Hardscaped and Landscaped SuDS




All calculations for Permavoid units are based upon site-specific load cases, pavement construction types and thicknesses, soil cover and ground conditions and the suitability must therefore be approved for each project.


For irrigation applications, please see our Permavoid² 85 Irrigation with capillary cone technology.

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Permavoid² 85

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